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Sarantos Tsialtas

DOWN THE DANUBE 9 | 11th April 2020 | 1600z - 2100z

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Spring is usually a time of nature revival: flowers bloom, birds start singing again, people throw away their winter clothes, airplanes... well, airplanes request a 10 degree turn to the right to avoid the big thunderstorm in front of them.

ROvACC is pleased to announce the 9th edition of the Down the Danube Realops event, in partnership with VATAdria, Hellenic vACC, VATIL and vACC Ukraine! This year it will be on 11th of April, from 16 to 21 ZULU TIME.

For this event, we encourage you to fly not only to Bucharest, but also between to our partner airports Belgrad (LYBE), Tel Aviv (LLBG), Athens (LGAV) and Lviv (UKLL).

Come and fly in and out of Bucharest, Romania (LROP/OTP) and have fun flying in a high traffic situation. We'll enjoy controlling you and we promise - no holdings... as much as practicable, at least :)

You can take a domestic or an international, a short or a long flight, maybe to our partner airports, use your favourite plane or try a new one, fly with your virtual airline or leave it to faith to decide your flight details. Go to the booking page and push the "I feel lucky" button to get a random real-life flight happening at that exact moment.

Be sure to make a booking for your flight, check our Pilot Briefing Guide, our charts and the sceneries available for Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport as well as other airports in LRBB FIR or our website.

You may book a slot for the event on http://overload.rovacc.ro

For more information, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected]

We'll be waiting for your flight on the 11th of April 2020, between 16z and 21z!

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