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Sarantos Tsialtas

[VATEUD] Position vacancy ATC Department Deputy

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We are looking for a Deputy Lead in the ATC Department Team of VATEUD (VATSIM Europe Division). The ATC Department Team organizes and harmonizes our controller training for all vACC’s of VATEUD. Therefore, this position asks for both deep knowledge about ATC training (VATSIM related only) and the ability to communicate and manage all aspects of the training for our controllers.

- Above average knowledge of ATC Training in VATEUD[/list]
- Permanent ATC Rating: C1 or C3
- Actively involved in ATC Training for at least one year
- Be a member of the VATSIM Europe Division in one of our vACC’s for at least twelve months
- Able to communicate (write/talk) in English
- Able to develop and communicate ATC training topics
- Willing to invest a time and energy on a weekly basis for the benefit of our community

Any member who wish to apply for the position, shall send their application to 
The application period closes at March 31st, 2018

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