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  1. Dear Pilots, We are proud to invite you to the special "Tel-Aviv Eurovision" event. The event will take place for the Eurovision Song Contest on May 18th between 11:00-17:00 UTC, VATIL will open its control room to provide real and high-quality ATC. Click here to book your flight with our flight booking system! You can expect full ATC service at Tel Aviv and its surrounding area. Come and join to an enjoyable event with great ATC! We hope to see you in the air. For scenery and charts click here We wish you a successful and enjoyable event!
  2. Yes, it's really happening!VATEUD & VATME are proud to announce the first-of-the-kind event connecting the two divisions!You will be presented with a unique day of full ATC from Europe's 4 airports: EIDW - Dublin Airport EHAM - Amsterdam Airport Schipol ESSA - Stockholm Arlanda Airport LIRF - Rome Fiumicino Airport All the way to the Middle East with: HECA - Cairo Intl. Airport OJAI - Queen Alia Intl. Airport OMDB - Dubai Intl. Airport OTHH - Hamad Intl. Airport Do not miss out on the Flight Booking as slots are limited! Departures will be ongoing for 2 hours (1000z - 1200z).Airport briefing documents: https://vats.im/CTLBriefing (they'll be uploaded as soon as they get finished).You can expect to receive the routing in your email as soon as we make them available, providing you have booked a slot.
  3. Have you ever.......dreamed of ATC all day long?...wished to have controllers guiding you on early morning approaches while the sun is rising?...wanted to fly a four leg rotation with guaranteed service on your departure and arrival?...hoped to get a whole day of ATC as real as it gets?We make it happen! Zurich Airport will be open on July 21st during the real operating hours!Be the first one to touch down as IFR-traffic on runway 34 at 0605 local time. Long haul inbounds within the first hour will enjoy iStream tactical steering to guarantee an optimum approach sequence. If early, join the holding until we are allowed to let you approach the airport.As VFR traffic, explore the beautiful mountaineous Swiss landscape just minutes south of Zurich. Fly to Samedan for a delicious nut cake at the highest airliner airport in Europe and enjoy the breathtaking view of the alps. When returning, be prepared to get close to the big birds! Zurich still handles both, VFR and IFR traffic, unlike other European majors.Zurich is a unique airport with a lot of operational restrictions due to noise abatement and its challenging layout. We know it by heart and love this airport with all its rough edges.Be part of the experience and let Zurich come to life for a whole day on July 21st from 0400 to 2130z! Scenery & ChartsLSZH - Zurich
  4. The VACC of the Czech Republic invites you for High Density Flyin - Runway to Hell 2018. The event will occur on 25th March 2018 from 16 to 21z at Prague Ruzyně Airport - LKPR. The capacity of the real Prague Ruzyně Airport is standing on its edge. The daily flow reaches 600 movements per day, with over 60 movements per rush hour, less than a minute between two landings or take offs. Special procedures have been implemented to manage such big traffic on a single runway. They are called High Intensity Single Runway Op.And therefore we invite you to explore how the real pilots feel themselves: when they hear late landing clearance, when they must vacate as soon as it gets, when they are number six on approach, when they are cleared for immediate take off, when they have no chance to make a mistake! We offer full ATC services with 8 ATC positions, charts of destination, LKPR Free Scenery for MSFS and X-Plane, the extreme fun atmosphere with us. We will make our best for you to feel like in the middle of the rush traffic day at real Prague Ruzyně airport!Official website of event with booking system, airport and weather informations, charts and sceneries: HERE
  5. One night, three approaches, three different countries. This is deltaFlight – One Event - 3 Airports! On Sunday, 28th January from 1600z to 2200z fly between Zurich (LSZH), Prague (LKPR) and Dusseldorf (EDDL) to enjoy this trinational event. With six hours eventtime there is no rush while preparing your aircraft for the next leg and if you join in early, you will certainly see all three airports, enjoy ATC of three different countries and get to navigate your bird through three different approach sectors. Light up the VATSIM Sky and let the trinational deltaFlight roar to life! Routes (selection, find more routes on vroute) LSZH-LKPR: DEGES Z2 XEBIX UN871 NENUM UZ39 DOLUP Z39 GOSEK LKPR-EDDL: BALTU L984 DONAD L602 SOPGA T170 RAPET T843 ARNIX T852 TINSA T854 DOMUX EDDL-LKPR: DODEN Y853 BOMBI UL984 SULUS UZ650 TONSU Z35 LOMKI LKPR-LSZH: BALTU L984 OKG UL984 KULOK UZ715 ANELA UN869 TEDGO T724 RILAX LSZH-EDDL: DEGES Z1 ETAGO DCT HAREM UN851 LOHRE Z850 ADEMI T854 DOMUX EDDL-LSZH: KUMIK Y854 BOMBI T721 RILAX Airport information, Scenery & Charts LSZH - Zurich LKPR - Praha Ruzyně EDDL - Dusseldorf
  6. VATSIM Germany through the RG Bremen and the RG Frankfurt are inviting you to a Christmas Commuter between Frankfurt and Bremen. Friday, December 15, 2017 - 19:00 to 22:00 Dear Colleagues, it’s a little bit early to actually say „Merry Christmas“, nevertheless Christmas and the end of the year are rapidly approaching. For this reason VATSIM Germany through the RG Bremen and the RG Frankfurt are inviting you to a Christmas Commuter between Frankfurt and Bremen. Fly a leg from Frankfurt to Bremen and/or back and enjoy fully staffed stations. Enjoy a beautiful view on Frankfurts Skyline or wave to the stadium of Bremen north of the airport. And always have an eye on the TCAS in case Santa is already doing Christmas Business. For your convenience here are two routes for your flights. Of course you can fly any other route as well. EDDF – EDDW: MARUN Y153 WRB N850 NIE Z88 VERED EDDW – EDDF: ERLAD Y804 PIROT T152 KERAX RG Bremen and RG Frankfurt are looking forward to hear you! All relevant charts for EDDW can be found here: http://www.vacc-sag.org/airport/EDDW Please note: After departure you are supposed to change over from Bremen Tower to Bremen Radar on your own, without further notice. The initial climb is 5000ft. VFR Charts require a login. VFR Pilots not able to login are advised to use www.skyvector.com. All relevant charts for EDDF can be found here http://www.vacc-sag.org/airport/EDDF Please note: After departure you are supposed to change frequency from Frankfurt Tower to Langen Radar when instructed by ATC. The Initial Climb depends on the SID and can be 4000ft, 5000ft or FL70. © 2017 VATSIM.net
  7. It's time to visit Santa Claus again, as usual Vatsim-Scandinavia will staff Rovaniemi (EFRO), Luleå (ESPA) and Tromsø (ENTC) throughout the evening. Saturday, December 16, 2017 - 17:00 to 23:00 16 December from 17-23z it's time to visit Santa Claus again, as usual Vatsim-Scandinavia will staff Rovaniemi (EFRO), Luleå (ESPA) and Tromsø (ENTC) throughout the evening. Since this event attracts a fair amount of pilots we highly recommend you to bring a lot of holding fuel. Make sure you DO NOT take advantage of the Free Route Airspace, DO NOT file any DCT routings. Due to the excess traffic on some airways you might get rerouted to optimise the traffic flow. Make sure you are familiar to reprogram your aircraft accordingly. Don't forget your favorite bevarage and candy onboard since it will most likely be a long night for you. Visit our Santa Web for pilot briefing, charts and scenery suggestion to make your visit to the north as enjoyable as possible. Vatsim-Scandinavia hope you will enjoy this year's Fly and See Santa. Santa Web Merry Christmas!
  8. The complete VATSIM-Germany-team and our colleagues from Switzerland, want to honour our loved airline one last time. Saturday, December 16, 2017 - 17:00 to 22:00 On October 28th, 2017, Germany's second-largest airline terminated its operations, due to their insolvency. Watched by the eyes of many moved fans and former passengers, AirBerlin said "Goodbye" for the last time. With their flight "BER4EVR - AirBerlin forever" - from Munich to Berlin-Tegel - AirBerlin suspended their worldwide operations. Not only the real airline community lost some colors in their skies - they have always been a big part of the VATSIM community too. Therefore we want to give AirBerlin a worthy farewell, even though it will never disappear from our scopes entirely. Thank you AirBerlin! Thank you for 38 white-red years in our skies, for your primarily holiday and regional flights - and of course, thank you for your famous red chocolate hearts. On December 16th, 2017, from 17:00 until 22:00 UTC the complete VATSIM-Germany-team and our colleagues from Switzerland, want to honour our loved airline one last time. Let's celebrate a big party with fireworks and joy, and light up the entire European airspace with AirBerlin flights. We offer you a booking system filled with flights between our staffed airports and other interesting destinations. Dear Pilots, you are warmly invited to be part of our AirBerlin "Goodbye-party". May the sky light up with your white-red planes. Write a reminiscence in your flightplan to document participating in this event: RMK/"Ick bin ein Air-Berliner!" We are looking forward to have your AirBerlin flights on our scope and we will hear you on the frequencies! Booking guide: Enter our booking system and follow these steps: step 1: search your favorite flight and press "Booking" step 2: enter your name and a random password (not equal to your VATSIM-password) and press "Book" notice: multiple flights possible - calculate and check TurnAround-process! Booking System: http://vatsim.zeigers.eu/berevent/index.php
  9. Hope you join us and have some fun to add to the Christmas spirit. Monday, December 18, 2017 - 20:00 to 22:00 Merry Christmas to all of you, Vatita will gift you with surprise coverage. So you will find ATC all over the Area Control Centres and some other random airports. Hope you join us and have some fun to add to the Christmas spirit. Where to find Charts Charts Some payware airport Fiumicino payware scenery Malpensa payware scenery
  10. VATSIM UK and the Czech vACC are proud to announce the return of their joint Pre-Christmas (S)hopping event - for those that didn't empty their bank accounts in the Channel Islands! The event will take place on Sunday 10th December between 1700z and 2100z. Fill your favourite aircraft with Christmas shoppers (or cargo containers!) flying to and from London and Prague with full ATC at both airports and en route coverage along the way. Join us for some pre-Christmas flying between two of Europe's most vibrant cities. Suggested Routes:London Heathrow (EGLL) to Prague (LKPR)DET UL6 DVR UL9 KONAN UL607 MATUG UZ660 RASPU UL984 SULUS UZ650 TONSU Z35 LOMKIBPK Q295 CLN UL620 TULIP DCT NOMKA UL620 BESIP L620 PIKIB T620 GOLOP Prague (LKPR) to London Heathrow (EGLL)BALTU L984 DONAD L602 SOPGA T170 RAPET UZ93 LOHRE UL610 BATTY UL608 SUMUM L608 LOGAN Suggested SceneryLondon Heathrow: UK 2000 Scenery (Free demo available) Prague: http://www.vacc-cz.org/airports/lkpr
  11. Dear pilots! Czech Online Day will take place every Sunday between 19-21 UTC at LKAA FIR. You can expect full ATC coverage at Prague LKPR.
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