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    Dear pilots, Hellenic vACC & Jordan vACC are very happy to announce their first City Connection from Amman (OJAI) to Athens (LGAV) on Saturday 4th of February 2023. Departures from Amman (OJAI) will be from 1500z until 1800z, crossing the southeast part of the Mediterranean sea and all over the Aegean sea. Arrivals in Athens will be from 1800z until 2100z. Many talented air traffic controllers will be ready to give you professional instructions all the way from your IFR clearance in Amman until the very last taxi instruction to the gates into Athens! Choose your favorite plane and get ready to experience the most blue landscape! Hope to see you all on the scope! Blue Skies. For More Information: https://my.vatsim.net/events/amman-to-athens-city-connection
  2. until
    A country divided into a large number of islands. A country rich in its history. Aegean, Mediterranean and Ionian Seas. Ruins of ancient temples, amazing monuments of history and architecture. I think you have already guessed which country we are talking about - Greece. vACC Ukraine and HvACC invites you to an event that will take place between two cities - Athens and Kyiv on January 21, 2023 from 17 UTC to 20 UTC. Our ATC team will be very happy to meet you at Boryspil Airport, we are waiting for you! Airport information LGAV: https://briefing.hvacc.org/airports/LGAV UKBB: https://vacc-ua.org/pilots
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    Ladies and Gentleman, TRvACC and the Hellenic vACC are pleased to announce **"Cross the Aegean"**! You are all invited to fly from Turkiye's biggest airport, Istanbul Airport (LTFM) to the capital of Greece, Athens (LGAV) on the 14th of January 2023 between 17:00z and 20:00z. Settle in comfortably and enjoy the professional ATC services of our ATCO's with full top-down coverage! Route IVGUS UY226 BIG UG8 SUDES UN604 OGSIL Sceneries and Charts Istanbul Airport (LTFM): https://www.trvacc.net/airport/ltfm/ Athens Airport (LGAV): https://briefing.hvacc.org/airports/LGAV
  4. until
    What better way to start the new year than to take part in Hellenic 's vACC speacial New Year 's Shuttle! On the 7th of January 2023, 18:00 - 21:00z, we invite you ,on a wonderful night, to fly between Rhodes (LGRP) and Larnaca (LCLK). Let 2023 begin with an event connecting a beautiful island of Greece with the island of Cyprus. P.S. Drinks will be served after all airplanes are shut down on the ground! Let's celebrate! Airport information: LGRP :https://briefing.hvacc.org/airports/LGRP LCLK: https://briefing.hvacc.org/airports/LCLK
  5. until
    Ladies and Gentelmens, On 5th of November vACC Ukraine and Hellenic vACC invites you on our City Link from Kyiv (UKBB) to Larnaca (LCLK) from 11 to 18 UTC. Kyiv Boryspil Airport will hold departures from 11 to 13 UTC, and Larnaca will serve the arrivals from 14 to 18 UTC. Our team will do everything possible to make your time enjoyable and interesting. Route: BASOR M856 RAKUR UM856 MUT UL620 VESAR L620 ALSUS M978 RUDER Airport informations : UKBB -> https://vacc-ua.org/pilots LCLK ->https://briefing.hvacc.org/airports/LCLK
  6. until
    What better during the changing seasons than a trip across some of the most iconic scenery in Europe? After much request, vACC Switzerland and the Hellenic vACC are back again, this time pairing Geneva (LSGG) and Chania (LGSA) for a scenic southbound autumnal trek. “Depart from Geneva where the changing leaves and snow-peaked Alps provide the perfect send-off for your trip, fly over Italy with its signature coasts and picturesque midlands offering some beautiful inflight views, then arrive in Greece where the warm Mediterranean air and sandy beaches guide you in for a sea-side landing. But don't get too relaxed; Chania does not have any precision approaches, so be sure to brush up on your radio navigation skills and have charts on hand for your arrival. With single-runway airports at either end, keep your ears peeled for that late landing clearance or immediate departure. Enjoy professional ATC services, with Geneva staffed between 15:00z and 18:00z, and Chania open from 17:00z to 20:00z. “So join us in beating the autumn blues and enjoy this truly breathtaking flight that will both impress and challenge you. We'll see you at the beach! ROUTE: MEDAM UM730 ATMAD M730 NITAM DCT MOGBO DCT PIS DCT IPKAM DCT RUTOM UM601 TRL UL612 RUSOS (1077nm)
  7. We are glad to invite you to the "Aegean Shuttle" event. The event will take place on 19th March 2022. Where from 1700z to 2100z you will be able to make a flight under full control from Istanbul to Athens or vice versa, the decision is yours. You can expect full ATC service at Athens and Istanbul including ATC coverage during the flight. The flights distance is about 360 nm and estimated flight time is 1:20 hours. Come and join to enjoyable and with great ATC service! We hope to see you in the air. Routes: LTFM - LGAV: IVGUS UY226 BIG UN604 SUDES UG8 AMANI UN604 OGSIL LGAV - LTFM: KRO UN604 AMANI UG8 SUDES UN604 INBET Charts & Sceneries LTFM: Charts and Scenery LGAV: Briefing & Scenery
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