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  • How to become an Air Traffic Controller in a Hellenic Airspace

    • I am interested in becoming Air Traffic Controller in Greece, what should I do?
      • First of all make your self familiar with the Training SOP. We also encourage you to join our Discord Server to meet the training team. Then, visit our Core System, sign in with your VATSIM account and apply for a Training Course. So simple.
    • I signed up for ATC training some time ago but I haven’t heard anything yet.
      • You can find information regarding your training request and its status in our Core System. If your status is “Pending” this means that a human being has seen your request and you will have to wait until the status changes to “Attending”. You will receive further information to your VATSIM registered email account or/and to your linked Discord Account.
    • How long is the queue?
      • Usually you must expect some waiting time depending on how many mentors are active and how many students are waiting in line. In some cases, this waiting time can be more than 1 month, so some patience will be needed.

    After training questions...

    •  I haven’t received a rating upgrade email after passing my checkout-mentoring, what is wrong?
      •  It can last up to 72 hours before the rating upgrade has been processed by the network servers. In case you haven’t received your upgrade email within this period, please send an email to the training department on [email protected] including your VATSIM ID.
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